I solemnly declare that the information I have given on this form is true and accurate. I also promise that I shall abide by the rules and regulations of Bangladesh Hindu Community Center in Canada Inc. and my membership will be valid if it meets all the criteria described in by the law.
General Member:
  • Preauthorized devotee is automatically treated as general member.
  • The member must be over 18 years old and believer of Hinduism.
  • The member must have legal status in Canada.
  • The member should not have been involved in any kind of inappropriate activities.
Life Member:

A person having the qualifications to be a member can also be a Life Member by paying a single amount as decided by the Board of Directors and Board of Trustees jointly, from time to time. Life Member shall have all the rights and obligations like general member.

Specific Restrictions:
  • Non-vegetarian food(s) of any kind is strictly prohibited in the Temple premises.
  • Alcoholic beverage(s) of any kind shall not be allowed on the Temple premises at any time or any reason.
  • Consumption of controlled substances shall not be permitted on the premises of the Temple, indoor smoking is prohibited.
  • Any person found to be inebriated condition from consumption of alcohol or controlled substance would be removed from the Temple premises.
  • Firearms or any other weapon are prohibited on the Temple premises.
Please Note#
  • Membership is effective upon receipt of properly completed membership application form and payment of dues.
  • Membership is of one Calendar year, Application and dues received after __________ will constitute membership for the next calendar year.
  • Board of directors deserve the right to accept or disregard any application with a reason.